Our mission is to ensure Louisiana high school graduates, especially first-generation college students and those who are from low-income households, have equitable access to affordable higher education right here in their home state.

Education equals opportunity. We are committed to working with educators, students, parents, and lawmakers to ensure that ALL qualifying students can continue to receive TOPS scholarship funds and access higher education in Louisiana.






This year, TOPS recipients will have to cover over $2,000 of their college tuition.

Help us ensure that all Louisiana students have equitable access to college.

Louisiana students are facing a serious problem.


Due to the state budget crisis, scholarships for students have been cut. The TOPS scholarship, which has helped qualifying students access higher education for 30 years, has been reduced and is facing further cuts.

For a family in Louisiana, that amounts to approximately:

12 months of utilities.

1. Restore full-funding to TOPS.


2. If full-funding is not possible due to the state’s budget crisis, then prioritize scholarships to students who qualify for awards students that need it the most – students from low-income backgrounds.


3. Require that all TOPS recipients going forward complete the FAFSA.



3 months of rent.


80 tanks of gas.